Hugh  lives in New York’s Hudson Valley. He likes, in no particular order, baseball, cats, tall spreading sycamores and old Indian stuff. 

Ward is (blissfully) retired, and is a bit of a Luddite. He doesn’t carry a cell phone or take pictures of himself, and don’t look for him on Facebook. Ward is addicted to old movies. His list of favorite actors includes Burt Lancaster, Walter Huston, Bogie, Evelyn Brent, and … drumroll, please … Maureen O’Hara.​​

Ruth is is the baby of our family. Ruth, not Ruthie. Don’t ever call her Ruthie, she won’t like it, or you, and don’t ask how old she is. It’s none of your business. Baby Ruth is what we call her, but you can’t.

Ruth is a high school social studies teacher. Her favorite rock group will always be the Beatles, and sadly (for her) she wasn’t one of those star-struck Beatle-crazed teenage girls shrieking when the Fab Four first came to the U.S. She would liked to have been there at the airport but Dad wouldn’t allow it. He said Beatlemania was hooey and no daughter of his…

Ruth loves the Boston Red Sox, which makes her a sort of pariah, or a Brutus, in the Centerville family, the rest of whom all go for the Yankees, big-time. Ruth was living in Boston and was in a bar with some friends the night the ball went through Bill Buckner’s legs, something else you probably don’t want to mention around her.​

Welcome, readers.

We’re three siblings, the Centervilles, Hugh, Ward and Ruthie, and what we’re mostly about is remembering the old days, back when we weren’t as old as we are now. (And how did we get here so soon?) We’re talking 1950s and 60s, a blend of (boomer) fiction, some look-backs at old movies and books, sports, too, and occasionally we (Ward, usually, because we can't restrain him,) get entirely away from the past and go boldly into the future, with fantasy, horror, and dystopia.